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    Summer clerkship

    The clerkship is intended to expose you to practical aspects of patients' care and requires excellent communication ability with patients.

    Therefore, we recommend that students perform the clerkship in their home countries.

    Another reason is the fact that you have exposure to our facility here during regular semester and, thus, practicing here does not allow you to develop your clinical experience from a different perspective.

    Moreover, there are limited resources as teachers are occupied supporting exams taking place during the winter/summer break.

    For these reasons we cannot accept you for the clerkship unless there is an exceptional reason (e.g. medical, social etc.).

    Consultation hours: prof. MUDr. M. Vrablík Ph.D. / as. MUDr. J. Škrha jr.: Wednesday 7:50-8:10, Secretory Office, 3rd Dept. of Internal Medicine.

    Email requests for credit should be used in exceptional cases only, with arrange time at least 1 week (2 weeks during summer months).

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