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    Where you can find us

    3rd Department of Internal Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague

    The Main Building

    U Nemocnice 1

    128 08 Praha 2

    Secretariat, Inpatient Ward D1, D2, D3, ICU

    Inpatient Admission Office, Osteology

    Ultrasound , ECG, Laboratories


    U Nemocnice 2, Building A10

    128 08 Praha 2

    Inpatient Ward B, C, Coronary Care Unit


    Faculty Policlinic

    Karlovo náměstí 32

    128 08 Praha 2

    Centre of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Obesitology

    Centre of Preventive Cardiology

    Centre of Tobacco dependence treatment

    Tram: station Moran or Karlovo namesti

    Bus: line 291, stop U Nemocnice

    Metro: line B, Karlovo namesti station

    Car: parking in designated areas in the area

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