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    Education at the 3rd Department of Medicine

    Table of teaching internal subjects at III. IK- winter semester 2023-2024 is HERE.

    The office hours for students are on Wednesday from 7.50 am to 8.10 am at the Secretariat office of the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine.

    For the information concerning education, Erasmus programme please contact

    as. MUDr. Eva Tůmová, Ph.D.

    e-mail: eva.tumova@vfn.cz

    !!! Important: Any appointment should be arranged by e-mail first. Students are asked not to search for teachers outside the hours mentioned above, especially not in inpatient departments!!!.

    A white coat and a stethoscope are required to participate in the traineeships; for the ICU, please change shoes.

    We also remind students to wear a visibly fixed student card during all classes.

    The changing room for students is located in the basement of building III. IK (U Nemocnice 1, at the end of the long corridor, down the stairs). The changing room can be opened by the ISIC card. It is not equipped with lockers, therefor each student needs to bring his/her own one.


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