History of 3rd Medical Department

The 3rd Medical Department was established on May 1945 when prof. Charvat occupied some parts of the Josefin Tract of the General Facylty Hosputal. Prof. Charvat was officialy entrusted by the Hospital Management on 12th October 1945 and he became department's head as far as 13th February 1948. Later and gradually in years 1950 - 1969 he toke most of the hospital department, wich is the actuall main part of the department. After prof. Charvat, prof. Pacovsky wat the head of the 3rd Medical Department.  From 1st Decemnber 2001 is the head prof. Štěpán Svačina.

Laboratory for Endocrinology and Metabolism (LEM)

LEM was founded in 1957 as a laboratory basis for clinical Department of Internal Medicine 3 at Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. This clinical department was oriented on endocrine disorders and metabolism since 1945. Historical position of LEM was done by first assays of growth hormone and insulin in Czechoslovakia in early sixties of the last century. In the same time, fundamental discovery of hormone regulation concerning thyreotropin releasing hormone (TRH), together with the concept of hormone axes have been suggested. In addition, new results were obtained in research of the pentose cycle. Later, digoxin-like activity together with the existence of its endogenous receptors have been firstly supposed in LEM in early eighties.
LEM covers laboratory examination in secondary hypertension and endocrine tumors, offers investigation of insulin action and its sensitivity, endothelial dysfunction and oxidative stress in diabetes and obesity, hormonal and humoral regulation of adipose tissue, molecular biology of lipid disorders and complex examination of the bone metabolism.